Oropesa is a town in the province of Castellón , bordered by the towns of Cabanes and Benicasim. Its economy is based on tourism and agriculture, especially almond and orange trees. It has a rail connection to a central train station and also has a motorway exit (Exit 45).

Oropesa del Mar

Its bullring is filled at local festivals, has a marina, monuments, churches and castles to visit. It also has several beaches with blue flags (distinctive quality). To finish, their typical dishes are rice, oranges and “Oropesinas” a sweet made with almonds.

Beaches of Oropesa

Below we show a list of the best beaches in Oropesa . There are a variety of beaches and coves of different characteristics. They are arranged from the closest to the furthest to the Voramar campsite.

Beach of La Concha

La Concha is located just 50 meters from the Voramar campsite. The following is its length that is 975 meters with about 60 meters wide. To continue this area of ​​the coast is calm waters and has a rocky area where you can dive or fish. Its name comes from its shell shape. As a result of its water quality, it has blue flag since 1994. Of fine sand and crystal clear water .

Beach of La Concha

It has many services such as bathrooms, disabled access, sunbeds, umbrellas, scooters, lifeguards, etc. And is considered a benchmark among all the beaches that are part of the coast of Castellón. In addition, we will find a child zone adapted for children and is located a tourist office to inform.

Morro de Gos Beach

It is about 500 meters and covers a large area with an excellent promenade . It is also the ideal environment to relax or take a long walk along the seashore. It also has two beach bars in the summer season. In addition, you can practice various water sports such  as jet skis or diving.

Morro de Gos

In the southern area of ​​this coastline is the small cala morro de gos. Morro de Gos beach is narrow but it measures about 2 km in length of fine golden sand. It is an ideal place to enjoy a family day and enjoy a sunny day with a sun lounger, towels and umbrellas.

Cala Oropesa La Vella

La vella is located between the beaches of La Concha and the marina. It is also located 1000 meters from the campsite. It has a particularly quiet atmosphere and crystal clear waters . Small in size so that it is surrounded by rocks.

Cala Oropesa La Vella

Marina d’or beach

Its name is actually Las Amplaries beach is the largest and is located in Marina D’or – Holiday Village . It is also about 2.5 km from the campsite. Also this area of ​​the coast has easy access and good parking for cars. Of especially crystalline waters. Finally, it has several points of water sports activities .

Marina d’or beach

La Renegà Beach

The Renegá is the most virgin of all the bathing areas. It is also located about 3 kms from the campsite. Surrounded by an especially natural landscape. Its margin is rock, ideal for diving or fishing . There is also the so-called cove renega, more secluded and hidden.

La Renegà Beach

Platgetes de Bellver

Torre Bellever is on the banks of the beginning of the Benicassim municipal district. It is also located about 4 km from the Voramar campsite.

Platgetes de Bellver

Nudist beach

It is about 5 km from the campsite. In addition to the only one of the beaches to carry out the activity of nudism.

What to see in Oropesa

From camping Voramar we show you a series of things to see in Oropesa. During the season in which the campsite is open, from Easter to September, you can see a series of events, events and festivals, near the campsite.

Enjoy a current movie on the beach sand because every Sunday in July and August summer film is made and a film is shown on one of the beaches of Oropesa. During the summer several theater companies perform free shows in the streets of Oropesa . Troba is a craft fair held on the bridge of May. It is a meeting of various events and a meeting of artisans. During the month of July the International Puppet Festival is celebrated , without a doubt a perfect plan for the youngest of the house. During the year several medieval fairs are installed in this town.

Places with charm

Another one of the many music festivals, is the celebration of the “Nits de Música” in this case in the Plaza de la Iglesia. Every Saturday of the month of July. During all summer nights, a dance with music is celebrated. In the month of August the International Music Festival is celebrated , which has a great variety of concerts. In the light of the moon, take a walk along the greenway between Oropesa and Benicassim. Also the meeting of dances is celebrated, that are typical Valencian dances with especially traditional suits. You can not miss the Volta a peu d’Orpesa, the classic popular race through the streets of Oropesa . Its route is through the town and the beaches of Morro de Gos and La Concha. It has more than 10 years and its layout is 7,800 meters.

What to visit in Oropesa

Near the campsite there are different places to visit such as monuments, emblematic buildings, museums, chapels, churches, etc … Below we show you a list of the sites to visit in Oropesa.

Old Town

First, in the Old Town there are several museums such as the Naipe Museum, Naturhiscope and Museo del Hierro. Throughout the town there are several sculptures included in the Museum of outdoor sculptures. If you are looking for religious spirituality you can visit the Chapel of the Virgen de la Paciencia located next to the town’s bell tower. Next to these two places to visit is the old jail.

If you are looking for charming places to photograph a good snapshot for a good memory of you must forget to visit the Oropesa Castle of the old town, the Torre del Rey located next to the lighthouse near the beach of La Concha.

Other places of interest to visit are Marina D’or, Orpesa la Vella, Torres de la Corda and Colomera, Pou del Ravalet, Marina or La Illeta.

Torre del Rey

What to do in Oropesa

Below we show you a series of activities and plans to do near the Voramar campsite. You can participate in any of the popular races promoted by the municipality of Oropesa. You can practice nautical activities  such as paddle-surfing, pedal boats, kite-surfing, jet skis and other sports activities promoted by the municipality of Oropesa. Sea such as yoga, pilates, running, bicycle, skatepark, zumba, aquagym, tai chi, hiking, etc.

green Way
Vía Verde Oropesa-Benicassim

Visit leisure parks, such as water park, Emotion Park, Enchanted Garden, Fantasy World, Secretorum, etc. Watch movies on the beach with Cinestival, where films are shown for free on the different beaches of Oropesa. Go to religious events in summer churches. Complete the greenway between Oropesa-Benicasim. Dancing and going to clubs, Pubs, Cocktelerias, etc …

Enjoy a relaxing experience with marine waters in a spa. Make purchases at the “Rastrillo” street market on Thursdays, located in front of the institute. Spend the day at an amusement park, the perfect place for the youngest of the house.


  • Visit to the caves of San José.
  • Excursion to the desert of Las Palmas.
  • Spend the day in the Columbretes Islands.
  • Visit to Vilafamés.
Leisure port, sports port
Leisure port, sports port


A great variety of festive and religious events take place throughout the year. We show you a list of the festivities of the town of Oropesa.

  • Virgin of the Patience : They are the celebrations in honor to this virgin and they are celebrated at the end of September and beginning of October.
  • Fiestas de San Jaime : celebrated on July 25 in honor of San Jaime.
  • Bonfires of San Juan : It is celebrated on June 23 and is the celebration of the summer solstice.
  • San Pedro : It is celebrated on June 28 and the traditional coca and muscatel wine is distributed.
  • Celebration of San Antoni : Celebrated on January 17 and revolves around animals.
  • Virgen del Carmen : The patron saint of the sea and celebrated on July 16.
Castle and Walls

Nearby towns

Below we show you a list of the towns near Oropesa and its distance to the Voramar campsite. They are also ordered from lower to greater distance from Oropesa. (If you need information of any kind please contact us)

Marina d’Or

Marina d’Or holiday village is located 2 km from the Voramar campsite, it is considered the best family resort in Spain . For that reason it is a perfect plan to spend a day with the family. You can walk from the Voramar campsite to Marina D’or in a few minutes. It also consists of several hotels, apartments, seawater spa, bars, restaurants, nightclubs …

Marina D’or

Tower of Salt

Torre de la Sal is 4 km from the Voramar campsite. Belongs to the municipality of Cabanes, is located very close to the beach, was a fishing village. Its name comes from a tower with the same name, which was cataloged as an Asset of Cultural Interest , it is a good place to take long walks or bike routes. Its virgin beaches composed of thousands of stones are well known.


Benicassim is 6 km from the Voramar campsite. It is also the neighboring town of Oropesa, has the International Festival of Benicassim FIB  which is one of the largest music festivals in Spain. Also in the month of August of each year is celebrated the long-awaited  Rototom Sunplash  which is the largest reggae event in Europe. It is one of the towns of Castellón coast with more musical offer of the coast.


Cabanes is 12 km from Oropesa. An example of the most typical is the  Roman Arch , San Juan Bautista Parish Church, Parish Museum of the City Hall and the Mare de Deu de Les Santes, hermitage fortress of Albalat and Hermitage of Les Santes …

White Tower

Torreblanca is located 14 km from Oropesa. Its name comes from an old lookout tower, the Tower of Doña Blanca de Aragón. The beach area of ​​this town is called Torrenostra, with quiet beaches of great quality. This population is next to the so-called  Prat de Cabanes which is a natural park of wetland area with a great variety of animals, being a unique ecosystem in the area.


Villafamés or in Valencian also known as Vilafamés is 17 km from Oropesa. It is an interior municipality of the province of Castellón, it has approximately a population of about 2000 inhabitants. It has great cultural interest with religious monuments such  as the Church of the Blood or the Hermitage of San Miguel. Its patron saint festivities are in honor of San Antonio Abad and San Miguel Arcángel.



Alcoceber or also called Alcocebre in Valenciano, is 20 km. Located between the towns of Torreblanca and Peñiscola. It has a large number of beaches, and coves separated by rock formations. The Tropicana beach is the best known for its high quality . It is also a must see its marina with a variety of boats both fishing and recreational.

Castellón de la Plana

Castellón de la Plana is the provincial capital located 22 km from Oropesa. It has an approximate population of 170000 inhabitants. In 1233 King Don Jaume I conquered the city of Castellón after a period of Muslim rule , the university acquired the name of Jaume I University in honor of the conqueror. It has plenty of shops, squares, parks, museums, scenic spaces … Its main religious monuments with the Cathedral of Santa María, the Hermitage of Santa María Magdalena, the Basilica of Our Lady of Lidón and the Episcopal Palace. Some typical dishes are the rosegones, the angel hair or sweet potato cakes, paella, arroz a banda, malfeta or the friar’s balls.

Alcalá de Chivert

Alcalá de Chivert or in Valenciano Alcalá de Xivert, this 23 km. The most typical of this town is its bell tower of the Church of San Juan Bautiste . At the top of the Sierra de Irta is located a magnificent castle that we can visit called Castillo de Chivert. The most typical dishes are the Rostit de Conill (rabbit) and the fish suquet.


Peñiscola is 35 km from the Voramar campsite. The most typical of this tourist town is the old town, its fortress, its Templar castle, the gardens and artillery park, walls and the three entrances to the old town … In addition to the fantastic Castle of Papa Luna . It is one of the towns in Castellón with the most charming beach in the province.



Montanejos is located 80 km from Oropesa. It is an inland village of the Alto Mijares. This municipality is known for its places of interest where you can find places to practice climbing, hiking trails or for example the hermitage of the Virgen de los Desamparados. But what this town is famous for is its natural pools  where you can bathe. Undoubtedly, it is one of the towns of Castellón to visit during the summer months to enjoy its waters.


Morella is 95 km from the campsite. This municipality is one of the best known in the province of Castellón. Famous for its medieval walls and its castle, in addition to its religious monuments as is typical in all the towns of the area. Its best known festive acts are the Copus Christi, the  Sexenio de Morella  (celebrated every six years) and with it the celebration of the Announcement celebrated the year before the Sexenio. You can not leave Morella without trying their typical dishes such as the Morellana soup and the chicken truffled among other dishes. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Castellón because of its walls.

Where to eat

Next to the Voramar campsite there is a wide variety of bars and restaurants. You can for example dine à la carte, daily menus of homemade food, tapas, fritters, Valencian paellas, etc. Then we give you a general list of the best places to eat in Oropesa.

where to eat
Where to eat

Today’s menu

Voramar Restaurant,  Faro Real, Chulvi Restaurant, Mar Azul, Tarrega Bar, La Sevillana Chiringuito, etc …


Mesón Michel’s, Mesón El Poble, La Parrilla ,  Chino Levante Restaurant ,  Arena Pizzeria,  La Última Nota Restaurant, Pizza Fono, Pizzeria La Familia, Oropizza, Pizzeria Burger Happy ,  Puerta del Sol  Restaurant, Opalo Restaurant, Restaurante a Roda, El Torico,  Nautical Restaurant, Del Mervi Restaurant, Raymar Restaurant, Chimo House, Arrantzale Tavern ,  Doña Resu,  Mendiola Restaurant, Lasarte Restaurant, Half Light, Coco Beach,  Berriz Restaurant ,  Hollywood, El Olivo Tapas & Bar, Doner kebab, A Sea of ​​Tapas, El Bocata, La Pikaeta, Tapas II Bar El Pescaito, La Taberna, Tapas Bar, Flamingo Cafeteria, Carpe Diem, El Porrón, Chetos Corner, Pata Negra, Status, Bianco ,  Rey’s Patisserie , Malibu Terrace, La Jijonenca, Fiorentina Ice Cream Shop, Oropesa Waffles, Coco-Surf, Malibu , etc …

Typical dishes

Snails, Suquet de peix, Zarzuelas, Doradas, Sole, Rabbits with alioli, Tombet de bou, Blood with onion, Carajillo de ron, Oropesinas, Tarró de Gat , etc …


The weather in Oropesa is the typical climate of the Costa de Azahar area. With mild temperatures throughout the year especially during the summer season. For that reason during the summer season it has temperatures between 25-35ºC. With medium-high temperatures and infrequent rainfall. You can plan your vacation without worrying about the weather (from the direction of the campsite it is advisable to find out about the weather during your holidays).

Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea

town hall

  • Address : C / Laura de Cervellón, 5A
  • Phone : 964 31 01 00
  • Country : Spain
  • Autonomous Community: Valencian Community
  • Province : Castellón
  • Region : Plana Alta
  • Zip Code  : 12594.
  • Inhabitants : 9300 people.
  • Area : 26.4 Km2

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